We’re live again!

As I write this I’m hopping from one computer window to the other trying to get a ‘place holder’ website back live for Old Rectory. WordPress – I’m determined to see this through!

Since the heady days of managing workshops, flying to our clothing manufacturers in Portugal, attending trade shows and pop-shops with our organic range of children’s clothing, my own children have stretched upwards, tested me, filled me with love/gratitude/frustration and all that parenting offers. The teenagers, I find – are surprising more demanding and needy than young children so I decided to stop actively promoting, growing and selling the Old Rectory Brand and concentrate on launching our 5 boys to the constant next stage of childhood and teenagehood. This is not to say that my creative juices stopped. I’ve been busy drawing, painting, gardening, finished my Masters in UCD, spent a year living in Madrid with the family learning Spanish (that’s a whole short-story in itself!) and offering short-stay accommodation in the renovated Gate Lodge at the Old Rectory. We continue to grow and develop the property always mindful of giving back to Mother Nature what we’re taking from her. I’m enjoying the immediacy and social side of offering an experiential product within the hospitality industry. I’ve met wonderful and curious travellers visiting our shores from all corners of the earth. I can stay flexible with how much time I offer in the Gate Lodge to suit family life but I miss developing a business. My print studio is still going strong with evidence of family artwork and Christmas gifts which I’ve printed up for family and friends. Ever curious -our guests will generally ask can they take a look at workings of the print studio and often want to buy a small printed gift to bring home from their travel. I have stock which I sell from the Studio but often guest are fitting in a tight schedule of sight-seeing and travelling and inquire as to what my website address is so that they can peruse at the leisure. If I have to listen to my rehearsed explanations of why I don’t sell online and why I haven’t got a website back up I think I’ll just keel over and give up on myself! 🙂 So finally, yes I’m keeping my word and and ‘am truly exited to get going again by putting Old Rectory out there again – Yay! So, here we go. I can’t wait to share gardening, art, and country life tips with you again and some selling…. x